" Cubase versions on 2 separate dongles?

sorry if this question has already been answered. I am not asking about having the same license on 2 dongles, I understand that this is not possible.

Is there any benefit to having 2 usb dongles, One for cubase 7.5 license (which I will soon upgrade to from C4 on brand new PC) plus another for my original C4 to be able to still use on my old PC simultaneously if I want to?

Would this be possible/advisable or would I need the existing C4 license on the same dongle as my C7.5 license in order to use C7.5 once upgraded?

Otherwise I know can have all licenses on one USB stick but would have to switch it from one PC to another if I wish to still access C4 on old PC (therefor can’t use both versions of Cubase at same time on 2 separate PCs).

Not 100% sure if the 2 PC scenario will useful for any reason but thought it could be good to keep options open and not have to keep switching dongles from one PC to other to use C4 on old PC at same time as C7.5 on new PC.

thanks for your help in advance.

There is not an option to “copy” a Cubase license to another eLicenser USB key. You can transfer it, but then it will not be on the first key. If you want to have 2 licenses of Cubase to use 2 computers simultaneously (or without having to move the key), you will need to purchase a new retail copy of Cubase Pro 8.


When you upgrade c4 to 7,you will still only have one license. The 4 gets replaced with 7. You can still open v4 if you want, or 5, 6 For that matter.

When you upgrade c4 to 7,you will still only have one license. The 4 gets replaced with 7. You can still open v4 if you want, or 5, 6 For that matter.

As long as you install the latest eLCC http://www.elicenser.net/en/latest_downloads.html Or the last one for the OS you are using from the archive http://www.elicenser.net/en/download_archives.html

Thank you everyone for your prompt replies. I think I have understood now that once I have upgraded to C7.5 I will no longer have a separate license for C4, if I have understood correctly the license I will then have will be for C7.5 which will also allow me to use C4 (or any other previous version) but I will not actually have 2 separate licenses.
This makes sense to me.
I guess my question was exploring a scenario which may not have any use anyhow, I thought that it may be useful to be able to have C4 on my old PC and C7.5 on my new one. Possibly not something I would ever need to do in any case?
thanks again for all your help.

thank you for the clarification Chris. I will do s you advise. I will need to purchase a new blank USB dongle from steinberg anyhow as my existing one is in poor condition and I am concerned it might let me down.
thanks again

Hello Chris,
I have another question regarding the E-licensing after having viewed the links you sent me.
I currently am running C4 on a PC with Windows XP. I will soon receive a brand new PC (Win 7) along with an upgrade to C7.5 which I have purchased.
I have never downloaded the latest eLicenser Control Center since I bought C4, should I do this now on my current Win XP computer and dongle or wait until I get the new PC and Cubase upgrade? I hope by then to have a new USB dongle to transfer the license to
thanks in advance

I would probably wait for the new USB key to arrive and do the transfer on the Win 7 machine.

That said, for the XP machine, I would suggest installing the last eLCC for XP.