Cubase versions politics

I´ve been using Cubase Artist for a year and finally I need to export some stems via multiple channel selection. But what a surprise - this version doesn´t support multiple channel export. It is only in PRO version.
This information you don´t find before you buy your license, in product comparison is only something called “Advanced Audio Export” - what is nowhere explained, what that means.
I don´t understand why they call this version “Artist”, because when someone is the artist only, he is not mixer or producer mostly.So he has create some music stuff and need to export it to stems for mixing and producing. And in this bulls… version I have now to do it like a slave one by one for example 58 tracks in one song… Good buy, indeed :frowning:

Just about all DAWs have different price point versions. If you want the features you get Pro. I wouldn’t consider anything less as your bound to need one if the features at some point.

Then I guess Cubase Elements must be designed for Oxygen, Cobalt and all the other riff-raff on the Periodic Table.


That’s how it always goes for me. I can often make do with the reduced track count and plugins, but there is always some feature or two that I need and I always end up buying the full or ‘pro’ version. Had to get the whole Suite for Ableton, would never get anything less than Cubase Pro, started out with Wavelab Elements and then realized everything I needed was in the Pro version, upgraded to that on the cheap too.

Nowadays there’s not really any excuse. Im sure in 2 minutes of a YouTube search you’ll find someones video comparing whatever product you wish to buy to something nowadays.

Now its got me looking at Groove Agent, since I religiously use SE now instead of my MPC… I’m wondering what else might be in there I’ll use or need…

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Nearly all products taken to market are based around a tiered system for budget and aspiration. The limited budget item gets you in the door with the product(s) but will always have some limitation that the higher cost models don’t have. The seller will very often deliberately design in the limitations gambling that their entry level customers will climb the rungs they have laid out with their products. I’m not saying it’s right, it’s just an observation.

For what it’s worth, I have only ever gone as high as Cubase Elements and can’t think of any reason why I need more features yet; especially after they gave us side chaining in version 11. I only made the move from my free Cubase 6 LE because it was relatively cheap and got me a newer version. I was pretty happy with Reaper which is I paid $60US for which is a very complete DAW but buying a Steinberg interface kind of led me into Cubase.

when someone is the artist only, he is not mixer or producer mostly.So he has create some music stuff and need to export it to stems for mixing and producing.

I can sort of understand what you mean. I sort of agree too. Steinberg should allow artist versions to export tracks. It would make sense.

You can export as stems but just not as easily as you can with pro. Mute tracks and do them one at a time using the export feature.

Stem exporting is definately a pro feature, at least to me. I think the description Advanced Audio Export covers that pretty well.

Your definition of what should be in the software because of the name is totally arbitrary. To me it signals that the Artist version is suited for the artist writing songs or recording demos.


And do you think that demo could not be good processed? And mixed also? Or I as artist should learn all that stuff? That is by my opinion the difference how various people should use this software.

Stem export is not essential for someone to record and edit a great sounding song on their own system. I suspect this is who Artist is aimed for. It can be be debated if the name Artist is the best but then it’s just a name and any they pick would confuse someone.

You should have checked before you bought it that it does all you want. AFAIK there’s a long trial. By your own account you’ve happily used it a whole year so it’s apparently good enough for you to work with.

Anyone that has the need to regularly export 58 tracks is, at least to me, in the Pro camp and should get Pro. You saved money getting Artist and the extra effort you have to put in for that saving is to manually export some tracks once in a while. In your case apparently once per year.

There are no free lunches, unfortunately. You pay with money or with your time.


There is no problem export every single track separately, but you can´t export ´em as solo tracks all at once.

You wrote about great sounding songs, but thats the problem. I can record and edit them as best, as I can, but when I need better mixing and balancing for final version, I have to go to PRO version. So I´ll buy upgrade for some 250 Eur only to export tracks at once, so I can send them to someone who will make good mixing and producing final song. He will probably use the same PRO version of Cubase for thath job. So, the conclusion is: PRO for all :slight_smile:

That’s me! I’ll take hydrogen, the most abundant. :grinning:

If the person mixing your song is using Cubase Pro, you could probably just send them the project. No need to export anything.

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That’s not really the case. You have to go to the Pro version if you don’t want to spend the time of doing the export manually.

You’re trading the upgrade price against your time. Only you can decide if that trade is worthwhile or not.

Hehe. Yes. I think there are a lot of people in home studios that use Pro.

I think it makes sense for Steinberg to sell tiers of Cubase. But I guess whatever features they take out for the lower tiers, there is always someone who needs just that.

Cockos has an alternative model. They sell the full version of REAPER at two price points instead; small (home) users and commercial studios. That requires a bit of faith in the customers though.

A third option is subscriptions, which everyone (except investors) hate. Then you could use Artist and upgrade to Pro only months when you need extra features.