Cubase Versions

Hi all,

I have a somewhat basic question really. I have just got a new PC, Windows 10 Home, system type x64. Plenty of RAM and memory etc. I’ve been on Cubase 5 for years and now looking at a major upgrade. My question is this, is it still possible to buy Cubase 9 or 10 pro? Instead of jumping straight to the latest version. The reason I ask is that it is my hope that these versions would be slightly cheaper to start with than Cubase 11 Pro and I can potentially choose to upgrade if I get on ok. And can I still download these full versions of Cubase Pro from here somewhere?

Bit of a newbie basically and there is way too much info out there hahaha.


Maybe you can find something in the back of a cupboard at your local/favourite retailer but Cubase 11 is all that SB sell…and if you buy an older version SB will surprise you with a C11 licence when you activate it.

Ok thank you. So better to just bite the bullet with the latest version, got it. Thanks again.

well ‘IF’ you can find an older version maybe…but you might also find the upgrade from version 5 is cheaper than you think …it’s the same price for most of the older versions.

have a look in the steinberg shop

Thanks again, I probably should have mentioned it was a cracked copy of Cubase but I don’t want to live that life now haha! Cheers!

ahem… :hushed:

time to do the right thing


Better to mention, this happens only for the very 1st activation of the license. If the license has been activated already (so you buy a second-hand), then it’s not the case.

yes - but also happens for upgrades…of course if you aren’t using legal copy then …


Yes, of course, once you activate the update/upgrade for the very 1st time.

You can’t upgrade from an illegal copy. :wink: