cubase versus cubase elements

i have installed cubase 7.5 and elements on the same (old) iMac. It seems to me that elements are far heavier for the computer (meaning audio dropouts) than 7.5 despite its a lighter version. Am i right in this? have someone else compared this before? hj

I bought a Porsche and a Volkswagon but the Porche seems to run much faster!!! I’m sure theres a test forum somewhere like Tom’s Hardware or something that could answer that. LOL. but seriously I would think a $500 software would be optimized a little better than an entry level $99 software. just a wild guess…

p.s. youve made my day thanx for the laugh … way better than…“i get crackling with my onboard sound”

ok ok i stand corrected lol but really thats wierd as they both have the same core engine. tho im not sure of course i can only assume its got to be some kind of code optimization as you say elements is far less than the full versiion.

or…they are differnt as cubase 7.5 is a seperate program altogether than v7.0.7 which is as far as elements goes at the moment. perhaps 7.5 engine has been coded somewhat differently

Ok, im funny but sarcasm aside, porche and VW dont share the same engine. Elements have less codes and are propably ment for slower PCs. This isnt a big deal to me, im just asking after installed elements on my office imac… Whatever!

It´s "Por**sche" and Volkswage**n…

The two programs don’t share settings. Are you comparing them running at the same sample rate?

hi Steve, yeah im pretty good setting up cubase, been using it since atari days…

My question was only academic, i was supprised there was such a big diffrence between those two programs with same settings on one computer. As stated i have both cubase versons on the same mac, 7.5 belongs to me and elements to my work.

Isnt it logical that the light version, with all the features missing, would be lighter than the full version, despite it may not be optimized as much?

just thinking

Isnt it logical that the light version, with all the features missing, would be lighter than the full version

Not sure this is that logical as features existing in the program does not equate to them constantly running on the cpu or taking up asio time.

IMO “logically” they should be about the same.

Maybe DLearyUS is right then, its a matter of optimization of the software.

Still little strange though, my testing in elements was basically very simple audio recording and playback, with stock EQ and some reverb, and i got major audio dropouts with CPU clipping, while ive tested a full band production with 52 tracks including VST instruments in cubase 7.5 on the same imac with no probs at all.

Well, elements is for teasing my guitarstudents only, so no problem, but I was supprised over the difference of the optimization (?).