Cubase Very Slow

Hi we are running Cubase 7 on our pc’s(dell) I3 computers in our music classrooms. Cubase runs extremly slow when doing certain task.
Loading up (a little longer than usual)
Shutting down (about 5 minutes or more)
Changing Sound devices (the window takes about 5 minutes to shut even if no change has been made)
Our IT guys claim they contacted cubase and were told this is part of the design in the software.

However I have another computer running cubase and a laptop that has none of these issues. So I dont believe it is the design of the software.

Can anyone help? is this something we just have to put up with untill i can convince the school to move over to MACs and pro tools. Very dissapointed so far with cubases performance and hope this is more of an IT issue on our behalf.