Cubase Video on Windows 7? (Quicktime problem)

On April the 15th Steinberg said they were working on a FIX so Windows users could use another program than Quicktime - Since Apple stopped making updates for Windows.

I have looked at the news since then and I cannot find a thread stating theyve fixed it.

Its been a long time since April. Is the fix live? Or are they not actively working n it?


no thanks… im kinda straight edge atm…

thank you though… =)

Do you know if they added another program for windows users? (Not Quicktime).

Or are you just a newb troll?

So no, it is not fixed yet - pretty straightforward.
It is certainly as they say:
When they fixed it the will post a statement.

Just seems sad that it takes over 5 months for one of the leading DAW’s to replace Quicktime / Give an alternative Windows solution.

I mean I dont do this for a living. But I am sure many do, and some of them must be on Windows.

Just doesnt seem acceptable.

And I bet they are working with video just as before, it’s not like it broke.
I don’t mind waiting for it, if they spend the time doing it right and do proper beta testing