Cubase Video Output to monitor

Hi all…

I’m using Cubase for recording music/sound for film and I would like to add a monitor for the Cubase video playback to my recording room & vocal booth. In the “Device Settings - Video Player” in Cubase I can see I have the possibility to choose firewire as output. I could get HDV/DV deck to output to but I would get a lot of latency. What I want is to have the video playback synced with the audio recording, so people can “play/speak” to the video.

I’ve looked at this card “Blackmagic Intensity Pro” which has HDMI out and ANALOG out (component/S-video). I was thinking to take the analog out and add a splitter and hook up two cables to each monitor in each room. Is this possible in Cubase? If I install the card will it pop-up in the “Device Setup - Video Player”?

Is this the way to go? Or is there an easier way?

Thanks in advance!


You may be able to add another video card, and simply set the extra screens you have to be clones of the main screen with long cables. For example, I usually use 2 monitors from one graphics card displaying one big screen stretched across the two, but the card’s software (Catalyst) also allows me to have the same single screen display on both monitors. In theory you can add extra video cards and the OS (I’m talking about MS btw not Apple) will handle the spanning across multiple screens, but I’m not sure if this works for cloning without the manufacturer’s software. I’d have thought though that two cards from the same manufacturer would support it. My card is the AsusHD5450, a snip at £30, and it actually has 3 outputs, but I’ve never tried running the HDMI so I’m not sure if it’s usable simultaneously and what res it might be. Also don’t know the limits on cable length, but I do run a 5m analogue cable from my laptop to my TV for watching iPlayer.


Thanks for your info!

As I understand it analog cables can be quite long compared to HDMI. That’s why I was planning on going analog. Is this correct? One of the cables has to go to my vocal booth (10-15 meters cable).

My setup is made of two monitors going out of my video card (two DVI out - to VGA converters). I have a MAC Pro so I don’t know if it supports multiple graphic cards (???). The thing is, that I don’t want to just clone one of the screens. I use my two screens while working and I wanted extra monitors just for the video output from Cubase.

If I should use one of my existing screens as monitor I could just split the VGA signal into three monitors (I think???).

I’m curious if it can be done only with the video signal routed out from Cubase???

Cruise the Nuendo forums and look at some of the sigs. Most are using Intensity cards of one flavor or another.

Thanks mashedmitten!

Do you know if Cubase is able to send video signal through such a card like Nuendo?

Not 100%, but I think I recall a couple of Cubase users with Intensity cards.

A lot of Nuendo guys hang at Might want to join there and get it straight from the horse’s mouth. :wink: