The last time I submitted a support request to Steinberg for a Cubase related issue, I heard nothing back. Then, months later, I received an email out of the blue claiming that they’d missed my request and the Ticket was now closed. (I’m sure you can guess how I felt about that!)

As I submitted another Ticket a couple of weeks ago about a separate issue and still haven’t heard anything back, I’m wondering if the same thing will happen? If so, could claiming that requests have been missed months down the line and then closing Tickets be a convenient way of making it ‘look’ like they’ve dealt with the issue when in reality they haven’t? Hmm…

There’s a consumer organisation in the UK called Which? that ranks companies according to certain criteria. I’d wager that if they ranked 100 music software developers according to technical support, Steinberg would be in the bottom three. Don’t get me wrong, I like many of their products, so credit where credit is due. But I’m SO disappointed with the way they treat their customers. And boasting about a YouTube channel where users can ask largely operation-based questions is NOT a substitute for proper technical support.

Steinberg is a great company when it comes to selling products, and I’ve bought LOTS from them. But regrettably, in my experience they’re one of the worst when it comes to technical support. ( :

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Darren White
Wales, UK


Did you ask the question on this forum? You can usually find an answer here. I’m not saying this excuses the lack of response from them but I bet they get thousands of user error request for support.

Hi, thanks for your comment. : ) Yep, tried that one, but no luck.

I agree : poor response from Steinberg when it comes to support. It also happened to me. Forums and Social Media are great for questions and troubleshooting, but they should not replace the Product Support - which is the ultimate authority and know how. And for which licensed users indirectly pay.

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I wonder if the top composers/musicians who use Steinberg products are treated with the same contempt? I doubt it very much. Although they pay the same as us for their gear (or they may get it free?), they probably have a direct-line number to support. Given their high profile, I’m pretty sure they don’t have to wait weeks/months for a response - if they’re lucky enough to get one at all. It’s shameful really. There should be a disclaimer on all Steinberg gear so that people can make an informed decision before they buy. Something like, “We REALLY want you to buy our products, but if something goes wrong you’re on your own!” That should cover it.