Cubase Vista Issues.

I recently “upgraded” from Cubase XP 9.5 Pro to Cubase Vista 10 Pro.
It looks terrible.
Why remove Advanced Quantize from the context menu? It’s one of my most frequently used features that cannot be executed with shortcuts.
Multiple issues with plugins that I have to spend time reporting to individual manufacturers… particularly D16 group.
Having more VST recall issues than ever.
It would be quite easy to demonstrably show that Cubase 10 Pro is an inferior piece of Software to 9.5 and if anyone disagrees it certainly “feels” like it and after 40 plus years of general GUI development and 30 years of Cubase itself, this should not be the case.
No point in reporting in detail… I’ll just wait for Windows 7… err… I mean Cubase 11.
But seriously, it feels like something went wrong here. Peace.

I’m confused? You’re still running Vista? I mean, I’m still running Windows 7, but Windows 7 is great. Vistas terrible, isn’t it?

lol no I’m being facetious, I very much use Windows 10. It feels like Cubase 10 is Steibergs’ Vista.