Cubase vs new motherboard (old HDs left)

I am planning to buy a completely new tower/PC set up (IMPORTANT: leaving my old HDs with all the installed soft) including of course a brand new motherboard. Should I be careful what to buy and if it for sure would require reinstalling Cubase 10 and all the music software if iLock dependent?
Would appreciate some tips.

I recently upgraded my motherboard and kept my old hard disks and had no dongle issues. I have the Steinberg / Syncrosoft dongle and an iLok dongle for Soundtoys and Waves plugins. The iLok dongle just needs to be unplugged/plugged once when I boot from a different system, but this has nothing to do with the change of the motherboard.
I can only speak for the Mac / Hackintosh platform though, but I guess it’s probably be the same on Windows.

thanks for the answer Mister 9 Volt. Anybody Window experience?