cubase vs nuendo

Hi everybody,

I was wondering is Cubase 9.5 has any feature that Nuendo 8.2 doesn’t have?
I checked already of course but I can’t find any comparaison with the latest version of Cubase and Nuendo.

Thanks for your time and wish you a happy week!

My understanding is that 8.2 incorporates all the latest 9.5 features. But note that Cubase 9.5 was released in Nov 2017 and Nuendo 8.2 was released in May 2018, so there was a 6+ month lag time for the new 9.5 features to get rolled into Nuendo.

Thanks a lot for that quick answer uarte and that means that I can switch to Nuendo without loosing any Cubase features which is a great news!

Just a heads-up though: VCA implementation is different.

As a follow-up on the post above. One thing you may want to consider is verifying project compatibility between the Nuendo 8.2 and Cubase 9.5. It seems to me Steinberg may have accidentally broken full compatibility for a given project between the two applications. Especially if VCAs are being used.

Not saying that’s true for sure I’m just seeing things that look a little alarming and some of the posts here. Since there is a trial version of Nuendo I would highly suggest you use that first and check it out for yourself.

Two minor UI differences that are driving me crazy:

C9.5 has a better way to highlight selected clips (darker) as N8.1 has that silly red highlight that prevents from colorizing your clip in red (or you don’t know if it’s selected), very confusing to me when you have hundred of tracks.
Also, C9.5 lets you display CCs in a lighter color on a Midi clip, there’s no such preference in N8.1. data and CCs are displayed in black only.

Agreed on both. Your first post has a lot of argumentation here about it. It’s far clearer on Cubase for many users, so the option should 100% be there to make it act like Cubase, which would hurt no one who likes the red outline thing. People I work with here often ask me why they can’t see some of the events that they’ve highlighted.

I don’t think Cubase has anything Nuendo doesn’t have, though (I could be wrong on this) - it just does some things differently which some might prefer in Cubase (like what you mentioned here).