Cubase vs WaveLab

Hello Rene

Again, the same problem

Hello. I have installed Cubase 8.5, WaveLab 9 with the latest updates. I installed Cubase 9 with the latest updates and re-introduces a problem that is not from within Cubase to edit WaveLabab. WaveLab simply will not open. In Cubase 8.5 it works.


Hey mipex,

I assume you are on Windows, right? When you talk about Cubase, you are talking about Cubase Pro?

Can you please check the following folder on your Windows system:

C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Audio Export Post Process Scripts

Please tell me all *.aepp files which you can find in this folder.


Hey, René long time we did not write :slight_smile: Yes I am talking about Windows 10 and 64 bit everything else is the PRO version 9 with the latest updates.
C: \ ProgramData \ Steinberg \ Audio Export Process Post Scripts
I see:

If you remember that in the version of Cubase 8.5, we encountered a problem diacritics.
Now I do not know …

Perhaps it would be better to re-use a “tracer” I do not know how to run it in WaveLab.

Ok, just in case you did not see it. WaveLab 9.0.35 was released last thursday:

So what is your Windows 10 user name? Does it contain “special characters”?

Please read this description how to use the Logging of WaveLab:


Yes I 9.0.35 build 642, but WaveLab will automatically start after audio mixdown if I’m allowed to open the box in WaveLab.

René problem is that Cubase is not open WaveLab it is contrary to blé than we solved in the topic viewtopic.php? F = 244 & t = 97076 # p582746
So Tracer me now does not work. Maybe I’m wrong sequence

I do not have characters with accents and special characters

Oh sorry when closing WaveLab he wrote Tracer

2AC8: [844879/10952 I default] - Specific Logging Rules “Log.Exchange”
2AC8: [844879/10952 I default] - Logging Rules *** ***
2AC8: [844879/10952 I default] - “Log.Exchange = true”
2AC8: [844880/10952 I default] - “* = true .warning”
2AC8: [844880/10952 I default] - “* = true .critical”
2AC8: [844880/10952 I default] - “* .debug = false”

Well, finally it goes. I had a project that was done in Cubase Pro 8.5, I imported it to 9 and now everything works as I do. Beyond that, why not search, and from where, etc …

René thank you.

Ok, good.