Cubase vst 4.0 on Win7 x-64

I have this kind of desktop computer with 16GB RAM.
There is an HD AUDIO card onboard. Will this old version
be able to handle the HD Audio or do I have to buy an older audio card?
The computer is HP from 2014 with the next largest processor in it.

cubase vst 4.0 is from 1998 my friend
to properly use that software package you will need a 32bit operating system
cubase vst 4.0 was released before windows XP was even invented

you need a pentium II/III or 4 or Intel Core 2 system with 512MB ram only running Win98se

bottom line; your computer is wrong for this software;
its not a good match; you either need different hardware or different software
i would suggest you sell your cubase to a vintage computer enthusiast
and buy a Cubase version that is version 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 somewhere in that range
to be able to use the computer you have

if u are really stuck i would say try running windows 7-32bit and it MIGHT work for you
you might get lucky there; but its 20 year old software