Cubase vst 5 - old OVW files - from 2001


Does anyone can help on how to open and convert ‘ovw’ files to current Cubase? I have tried downloading Cubase vst 5 - but could not run it due to the elicenser restriction and cannot see how to obtain the serial number ( Steinberg does not seem to offer to purchase them)

I need these for a project to remaster an old albumfrom my old band - that was done in 2001 with I believe in Cubase /mac. I have all the mix files and audio - and looking to check how the mix was done then to rework on them.

Any advice much appreciated.



I think the file extension “.ovw” was only used for waveform files which do not contain any audio or MIDI information, but rather represent the graphical waveform of an associated audio file.

You will need at least the project file, which in that version had the extension “.all”. Such project files can be imported into Cubase SX3 and saved as “.cpr” files which will open in any modern Cubase version.

You will need the full project with the .all file. You need to download Cubase sx3 from steinberg site. This can convert old .all projects to the current format.

Thanks for the advice. Yes, I have the ‘all’ files as well…so thanks - I get to use that once possible. I have downloaded and installed SX3 - but however, i was not able to run as due to license issues. It gets me this error :

  • *Application ‘Cubase SX 3.x’ has caused the following error: *

  • eLicenser(s) contain(s) no valid license for this application

On my current license - I have currently only Cubase LE 8.

Is it that I need an activation code to get the SX3 running? Additionally, does that mean also the USB dongle?

I would be happy to buy the license for SX3 from Steinberg - but could not find a way for that.
Any advice, please

I think you can only run it if you have the pro licence on a dongle but I could be wrong. Hopefully an admin will reply if they have more info.

Here you can read all the necessary information

Converting Cubase VST songs (ALL/ARR) into CPR format – Steinberg Support

So there is a chance the pro license could work…that’s interesting - makes it more possible that tracking down an old license from 20 yrs +

Yes, thanks I came on that page - I am just stuck of being able to run SX 3 - the page does mention that one needs a ‘compatible license’ to run it - but not sure what this means exactly

As I understand it, the table says it clearly.
Of the Cubase versions currently available for purchase (marked in yellow below), only 2 are eligible:
To start Cubase SE 3 you need a Cubase Artist license, and for Cubase SL 3 or SX 3 you need a Cubase Pro license.

I have a Cubase 11 Pro license myself and can start Cubase SX 3.1 with it.

Hey Pat, thanks for clarifying that … that’s awesome

Hi all,

I looked into the Cubase pro licensing - its quite an overkill in terms of price considering that I only need it for the conversion. Looking to remix it with another DAW for which I have the license and just need to be able to see the original mix with my Cubase LE.

Would there be anyone help there to do the conversion for me?

It’s an album which I did 20yrs ago with my band Scar - from Mauritius (Redirecting...) and am just aiming to remix it and put it out free there for the Mauritian rock community in memory of my friend & bandmate who passed away recently.