Cubase VST Connect PRO

Greetings Folks - hope everyone is well.

I have managed to successfully connect a couple of systems using: VST Connect PRO (Home Studio PC running Cubase V10 PRO) to VST Performer (Remote Studio Laptop). I’m working in Version 4.

At this stage everything seems to be functioning properly with the exception that:

I cannot figure out how to route the bed/guide track (from Cubase VST PRO) over to the Performer. Please note, I AM getting the signal from the Performer to Cubase VST PRO, no sweat.

Appreciate any guidance.

The feed from the studio goes via the control room CUE - so you need to make sure that the there is something feeding this cue.

This can be a full mix or a cue mix…you need to read about cue mixes and the control room if this doesn’t make sense

Hey Doc. Thanks…

I am using this resource:

I am presently reviewing the “Route to Performer”. However, either I am in the wrong spot or version in the documentation differs from what I am using. I say this based on: Their Control Room Mixer reflects “Mixer/Setup” tabs at the bottom, while my software reflects “Main/Inserts”.

Am I in the correct spot, or no?

Disregard - I found it via “Studio / Control Room” (not Devices / Control Room). So, the documentation is a little older then my SW Version. No sweat. Lol - “the little things”!

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Managed to get the bed track routed to the Performer. Found the cue routing controls in the Mixer/Cue (had to add via Racks).

Last issue (I hope last issue - lol!): I am experiencing major latency from the Performer. Actually, that’s my second last issue. I don’t have a drink. I know how to fix that right quick though!!!

When you say ‘major latency’ what do you mean ? Are you hearing an echo ?

The internet part of the connection always has a large latency and VST connect is designed to ‘hide’ that from you when recording.

Good morning Doc.

Yes sir, major latency as in a major delay/echo. I believe that I have managed to remove the echo by reducing the signal back to the performer. I’m not 100% sure if everything else is aligning or not. However, I think it is time to send the laptop back to the session studio, hook it up, and see how it plays out.

This is a phenomenal product. I just need to get some time under my belt here and hopefully a little better with it.

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Good afternoon Mike :slight_smile:

You realise you are not supposed to use the ‘normal’ way to monitor the signal from the performer …DO NOT use input monitor on the recording track.

ALL monitoring is done via the plugins and the control room…you shouldn’t get any echo at all…

Thanks for this Doc - we resolved the issue.

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thanks for reporting back :slight_smile: