Cubase VST expression bug?

I have spend a lot of time trying to figure out what is going on. And I’m not alone here, several of my colleagues have the same problem. It seems that using the VST Expression maps heavily in project somehow introduces some problem in the audio stream, in my case when the instrument is playing from a server running VEPro7. As this little video demonstrates the sound quality of the instrument is useless when using the VST expression system, here it is: Dropbox - Cubendo VST Exp. bug?.mp4 - Simplify your life

Please let me know if you have a solution/explanation!

Well I will make my own reply!
I use to have a small MIDI-block at the beginning of every MIDI track with CC 1, 2, 7, 11 AND also CC 101, which I use to “turn on” the instance in VEPro7 I found that this CC 101 is the reason the track will play with a lot of crackles. The conclusion to me is - after trying out other CC’s - that this kind of set-up doesn’t work. The VEPro server simply can’t handle this approach! So once again Cubendo is acquitted!


What exactly do you mean by this, please?

CC101 as RPN MSB is a bit specific.

Hi Martin
In VEPro it’s possible to automate enabling/disabling a channel in an instance. This is very important because I can load a huge template in VEPro in no time, and only activate the channels I need.
This can be done by using a CC, and I have selected CC 101. Sending a value of 0, turns the channel on, sending a value of 127 turns off the channel.
So the idea is, to create a MIDI block in the beginning of a track, and the first time the sequence is running, the CC 101 - 0, is send to VEPro and the channel will be activated.
Now it seems that every time I select a new articulation with the help of a VST expression, Cubase sends the CC 101 - 0, which causes VEPro to “hick-up”.
I have also tried CC 15, and it’s the same problem.
Regards Stig


Sorry that I don’t know the current VEPro version and thank you for the explanation.

Actually, I would do this the other way around. Feels strange to set 0 as On and 127 as Off. :thinking:

Can you confirm this by using MIDI Monitor, please? Can you see the CC101 (or CC15 after your correction) in the MIDI Monitor, please?

I don’t know, how is the enable/disable of the channel developed in VEPro, but as an idea, it doesn’t feel safe for me. My expectation is, VEPro need some time to load the samples, when you enable the channel. I don’t know, if it’s meant to be controlled in real-time.

It’s version 7

This is the default way it works in VEPro

I can do that, but I’m a Mac guy so I don’t know a MIDI monitor app for windows that can monitor MIDI channels to VEPro, do you?

Well this is the way to do it! The samples load the first time the MIDI is received, and that produces some “hick ups”, but after the first play through of the seq, all samples are loaded and everything works fine. Like if you had purged instruments in Kontakt!
And I certainly think that it’s meant to be controlled real-time, with the small details I mentioned above.
Regards Stig


Thank you for the explanation, again.

You can use the MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert, or you can use the MIDI Monitor application.

Well it seems that it all depends on HOW Cubase/Nuendo is chasing CC’s.
Go to preferences/MIDI/Chase Events and REMOVE check mark in:

“Chase not limited to Part Boundaries”

By removing the check mark (if any) Cubase will only chase events INSIDE the part!

This has solved the problem!

So: It seems that it’s okay to automate channels on/off from the track as long as the automation CC (I have only tested this with CC’s) is kept in a separate MIDI part and the “Chase not limited to Part Boundaries” is NOT checked.

Regards Stig

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