Cubase VST, EXTERNAL MIDI volume suddenly drops about 90%

Recently, my Cubase projects just started losing about 90% volume on VST and external midi tracks.
I haven’t done anything different recently.
It just started happening.
It will play fine sometimes, and the volume drop comes and goes.
Once the volume drops on a track or tracks, the only way to get volume back is to reload the project, and that doesn’t always work, but it does most of the time, but eventually, it drops out again when i start moving around on different tracks, or just randomly.

I read on forums that others have had this issue for over ten years or so, and those people i do not think have had their issue resolved.

If anyone has any info or experienced this issue, please post your experiences and or fix.
I am totally stumped.

Many thanks for any help.


Do I understand you right the Volume of the whole project decrees all at once? Do you use MIDI Tracks routed to an External HW and also Instrument Tracks in the project? And the Volume of both (External HW and Instrument Tracks) goes down at the same time?

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the reply.
I am using a Yamaha MODX synth as my audio interface and for external midi tracks.
The volume of the whole project doesn’t drop, it is just when i am working on individual VST or midi tracks.

I will be playing a project, and as i am going to another VST or external midi track the individual track will suddenly lose volume.
I might be able to play tracks fine for a few seconds to a few minutes, sometimes longer
If i keep going to other tracks eventually all my tracks VST or midi lose almost all volume.
It doesn’t matter if i am just playing back tracks or trying to record, the volume of individual tracks drop if i am doing something with a track.
It doesn’t do it all the time but it is enough to disrupt workflow.

It just started doing this a few days ago.
The only changes i have made was over a month ago when i installed Korg Wavestate VST.

I tried searching for the cc 7 and 11, as i have heard that can cause problems but that hasn’t fixed the issue.
I made sure that no cc 7 or 11 were causing problem.
I tried disabling VST instruments to see if any of those were causing problem, but that didn’t work either.


Do you also use MODX as Cubase Remote Control, please?

MODX is controller and audio and midi interface.
I am using MODX DAW remote function that is built into MODX.

I should also mention,
when i go from MODX DAW remote to MODX performance mode to chose a new MODX midi instrument,
The MIDI MODX individual track volume drops after hitting the keys a few times.
I am wondering if my MODX is having a malfunction.
I did a factory reset of the MODX, and it has latest firmware, but the problem still persists.

I will try using my other audio/midi interface to see if the problem happens without the MODX connected.
I won’t be able to hear the MODX external midi tracks, but the VSTs have the sound dropout too.
This way i can narrow it down to if MODX is the problem.
The weird thing is,
even when the MIDI tracks of the MODX and the VST tracks in Cubase have lost the volume,
I can still hear things like windows media player and You Tube just fine through the MODX audio interface.
This strangeness doesn’t seem to be affecting audio tracks in Cubase.

I will post what i find using other interface, around this time tomorrow.


My guess is MODX is sending some MIDI Message over the Remote MIDI Port, you are not aware of. Please double check the Remote MIDI Port.

I was getting ready to test my old audio/midi interface, and i thought about what you said in your last reply.
So i unhooked MODX from my PC and played MODX on its own to try and narrow it down more.
The dropout was happening on my MODX , so that eliminated Cubase.
You are right about the MODX sending midi i wasn’t aware of.
Turns out, my M-audio expression foot pedal was malfunctioning, and kept triggering near zero volume.
I guess i didn’t check my cc 7 and 11 as good as i thought i did.
I switched the M-audio pedal with a Yamaha FC-7 and everything is working flawlessly now.
I am happy that it was only a faulty $30 easily replaceable foot pedal (it was old).
I think i will get another Yamaha FC-7 to replace it.

Thank you very much Martin, for your help with this issue.

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Just an update.
I cleaned the M-audio pedal really good and blew out the dust with an air compressor.
Then i sprayed the moving parts with some contact cleaner and moved the pedal back and forth about 20 times.
The old pedal is working great again.
Even though i keep my little setup clean, i need to pay better attention to the things on the floor, :laughing:

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