Cubase VST import - volume curves, legacy FX

I have just tried for the first time importing one of my Cubase VST projects via SX3 into Cubase 8; in SX there is some weird “In between” “select track” step that shows a list of incomprehensible stuff, I just chose the first one and ended up with an arrangement.

  1. One thing I was using on wave tracks a lot were volume curves, they are either hidden or wiped, is there any way to import them with the song? Everything at the same volume is not good…

  2. How do you paint / display a volume curve on the wav track in Cubase 8?

  3. Is there any way I can use some of the legacy FX (or at least re-route them) - I used the stock reverb32 quite a bit.

  4. Almost all wave events display an inner “box” on the track window, does anybody know what this means?

I have been recording in Cubase VST for 13 years now, it is going to take some time to import everything into Cubase.

TBH I would say it’s unrealistic to expect a VST project to import into current Cubase and expect it to play back as if the last 20 years haven’t happened! You will at least need to re-configure the projects and set up the mixes again. It might well be a whole lot better anyway - my memory of Reverb 32 is that it was rubbish!

The ‘inner box’ on the wave events shows that there is more than one audio file on the track. You can break it into its individual tracks using Dissolve Part (I think that’s it, under the Audio menu)

Volume curves are MUCH easier now - simple fades and complex curves - I suggest RTFM… C8 is a very different animal to Cubase VST.

Good luck and welcome to the 21st Century!

it would have been nice to somehow be able to transfer the reverb presets in some shape but I know this is unrealistic. However, I am getting weird results with the EQ, they EQs actually have some values but they are not “active” until I deactivate / activate each EQ point. I might post a screenshot to explain it later; basically all EQ curves are flat (no points showing) but there are values in the actual sub-controls, which make the points shown when I edit them slightly.

Great that’s helpful.

I used volume curves a lot (they just come up when you double click a wav track, but could also be shown in midi files) and found them fairly simple. Now I am wondering if there is any way at all for me to turn them into Cubase ones; I believe they already are missing in the (interim) step of importing them into SX (which I don’t want to learn also).

The volume curves in C8 are the “automation” lanes which show up when you click the invisible (+) button, correct? Any way of seeing them on the track lane itself to save space, like in Acid? that would be awesome.

You might be able to keep more of the old project if you import your project from SX3 to Cubase 4 and then Cubase 8.