Cubase->vst live -> export project, no audio files created

when i perform from cubase->vst live → export project there are no audio files in the Audio-> gig folder , of course there are no audio clips on Vst live tracks either( it doesn’t create files and/or don’t link them to the Cubase original audio files )

and also Vst live freezes when press play and stop, maybe its a VST/I , but all works fine in cubase, (need to check it separately )
Cubase 12 pro, win 10 all latest versions

That is unusual. When exporting, did you make sure to select files you want to export?

I selected the check boxes of the audio tracks on the export window,
should the audio events need to be selected also?

No, that should suffice. Did you try again? Are you sure you are searching in the right folder? Sorry to ask these stupid questions, but this is the first time this has been reported like that. There can be confusion about where the files are copied, and we will add an option to not copy and use the original files. But as long as you didn’t move any files, VST Live should find those exported media.
If all else fails, you may send us your .vlsprj file (nothing else needed, no audio files etc), then we can check where VST Live expects thos files to be.

i got the problem, all the audio files in the cubase project are with musical mode enabled in cubase( just imported loops for testing the export/import from cubase )
so i believe Vst Live don’t support “musical mode” for now and needed to be bounced/rendered before exporting to Vst live.
maybe exporting to vst live should render "musical enabled and DOP files on export.

and for the other issue that it freezes vst live still exist, ill try using other VST/I to check if one of them make the problem

Are you audio tracks in folders?


… even musical mode audio files will be exported. But they will be played plain in VST Live.

Are you working with audio files directly from the Cubase Mediabay? Some files are protected and are not allowed to be exported. Maybe you can tell us a name of a problematic file? And don’t forget to tell us the category. There are many files :slight_smile:

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Yes,i just draged some random files from mediabay,a paid steinberg tabla loop and some guitar loops probably from steinberg (cubases or other paid steinberg loops )

So my export test project was faulty from begining :zipper_mouth_face::grin: