Cubase VST-Live-Exports not exporting Group-Channels

I tried to export a song with the “VST-Live” export function in Cubase 13 Pro.
Export the Midi- Instrument- and Audio-Tracks works.
But If any VST-Instruments or audio-track going to a group (e.g. for stems to collect many instruments in one file) there is no audio-part in the imported VST-Live-Song.
I had to export it as mixdown and put them manually int the VST-Song.

Any ideas?

Hi @fko56,

I can not reproduce that one. I did this in Cubase

And in VST Live it will imported that way

The audio event of Cubase was imported successfully. So I guess there must be something different in Cubase? Can you please create a simple Cubase project and save it with “Menu / File / Back up Project…”. Then zip it and give it me. Then we can analyse it.

See you,

PS : VST Live imported the Cubase Group Track as a Folder Track. That’s wrong. We’ll fix it.

Thanks for quick answering.

I tried to export with the VST-Live-Export-function in Cubase and imported it with file>import> media-projekt as new song into existing VST-Projekt.
There are only midi tracks in VST-Live

Ciubase Version 13.0.30
VST-Live 2 Version (2.5 MB)

But you didn’t tick audio on export in Cubase?

Yes. That is what i tried to avoid. To get a track for every instrument (e.g. Brass)
All tracks are routed to (EXP-) groups. VST-Instruments and adio-tracks.

If i select an audio-track it is an audio-track in VST-Live too.
In case of a brass-section i have a lot of single tracks instead a single stem in VST-Live.
My workaround is to make a mixdown and put the audio-group-tracks in VST-Live manually.
I had to export the midi-tracks extra.

To reexport a (changed or corrected) song from Cubase and replace it in VL is a little bit clumsy.

I did not like to use a lot of VST-Instruments in VL. I better like to export the VST-Instruments as audio-track/stems like in a mixdown. But the midi-control-tracks i need even so.

It would be nice if i can export all i want and get the stems like the groups etc are set in Cubase.

It would be nice too if i can replace all tracks of a song in VL. Midi, VST and audio with importing the song again. Existing tracks will be replaced if they using the same names. Others will be untouched.
In my case it happens very often that i had to change a song. Sometimes only the midi-control-tracks. To export/import it again ist not possible (definitly or only for me???).
My ideal workflow is to produce in Cubase and export it to VL. All adjustments are made in Cubase. In VL only the necessary adjustments in the location should be made.
Background is to avoid different versions of a song on different VL-computers.

I seems that i have not explain it clearly.

What i had tried is to export exactly the channels i ticked on export-window.
If there are midi-, audio- and vst-instrument tracks all routet to groups (named EXP-xxx in the uploaded project) the output is not like i expected.
If i route a VST-Instrument AND an audio-track to a group the result is null. In mixdown-mode works.
Long story short:
I’m looking for the easeast way to repeatable export cubase-songs to VL
The export/import should replace (or make new ones) tracks in VL. So that i have one point (cubase) to work and existing songs in VL is changed to the latest cubase-revision.

At this time i have not found a “one-shot-technic” to do this.

Would be nice if that comes in a future version.