CUBASE VST Mysterizer Plug

Hi guys, how can i get MYSTERIZER in my cubase 6 ? i cnt find it, i last saw it on old versions of cubase

Aloha m,

I have not seen it in Cubase since VST5. and if you did find it and if you are on an
Intel Mac it may not be possible to use. (no Rosetta etc)

The only thread I could find was on the old forum.
I’m afraid that it is not much help tho’.

Just in case, here it is:



found nothing in the directory of steinberg´s FTP server…
but I vaguely remember that it was included in Cubase SX 1 (?)

EDIT: HAVE FOUND IT (old SX 2 Installation CD ROM)
see attachment, change format suffix .doc -->> .dll ! (sorry, only Win)
drop it into folder “VSTPlugins”, have fun.

Mysterizer.doc (908 KB)

@Curteye thanx will check out :frowning: , i luv that thing .
@Central Music , the document has language issues and cant read whats in it… or maybe i did not understand your statement :frowning: …please help


Would like to hear if that works :slight_smile:.
Not used that plugin before but it looks interesting. I think functionality wise it’s been replaced with that new filter from Halion 4 we got with 6.5?

Wooow man, u r a genius < geees it worked in 32bit :slight_smile: . Thanx a milion. Which filter from halion in 6.5 u tokin about ? i have cubase artist 6.5 n halion 4 …mayb i can check it out

I think it’s called ‘morphfilter’, should be available as a regular audio insert plugin if you have 6.5.

Thank you soooo much , u r a genius …it worked woooooooop

nice to read.
You’re welcome!