Cubase VST Song import in Mac OS X Lion

Apparently, Mac OS X Lion, next major version coming out in the summer, will not support Rosetta,
so Cubase SX 3 will not run, and we will not be able to convert our .all old composition at all.
For people like me, that used Pro 24 and then Cubase to compose for 25 years, it is a major
lost (or, a few month passed in converting the compositions).


So what…?

There are numerous ways you could handle this…

  1. Convert all your songs before changing OS’s
  2. Keep your old computer with an older version of OSX and do the conversions there
  3. Install Windows, and the windows version of SX3 on either a Bootcamp partition or through an emulator (like VirtualBox for example) and do the conversions there
  4. If you are upgrading the OS on your current computer, that can run earlier OS’s than 10.7, install 10.5 or 10.6 on an external drive and boot from there whenever you need to use SX3.