Cubase VST XP64 Bit DLL request


I recently reinstalled my cubase 7.5 on xp.This time i did also the vsts, because i’m very seek and can be usefull in the hospital…
Anyway, using cubase 7.5 on seven allow the upgrade of the vsts, so the current content.
Unfortunately on xp the vsts DLL are not more compiled with the xp compatibility flag, so cannot be used, as well as the latest content starting 10.5 whose are using groouve agent 5.0 retrologue 2, padshop 2, and halion se 4.5

Please make us XP compatible dll, as the gui should not be an issue, tested groove agent se 4.2 in xp without any issue…

PS: i suspect it is also the case for the effect VST3 set.

Remember Just a flag at compilation time and we have latest effect and vst on xp with 7.5

Thanks in advance,


I believe, this won’t happen. Cubase 7.5 is not in the development for 8 years already, sorry.


You confuse, as i said it’s not related to the cubase version, but the OS version.
As for could it happen:

  • Not on mainstream because xp support is left.
  • Unoficially it’s about 1 hours of work for an old engeneer (because today computer engineering is like fast fashion) , so he could do it put them here, without of course any support and warranty, and i could try them, in case of success it could make happier a lot if people who like me left windows >xp and cubase >7.5 support like windows and cubase did but in the other way.
    Linux is free of these business money making plan… Therefor my choice of OS…

Have a good day,