cubase VST32 (5) problems with output devices

Do you guys have any ideas on this…was recently asked to help somewith their cubase vst 32 (5). He uses edirol ua-25 for the midi connections,Which from the edirol connect through jack to his mixing desk. Problem is in the software you have midi list 1234 etc. And then the output options so you could change the option to say the ua-25 for output or the sound card audigy 2 zs (sound card installed)…none of these output sound at all…though if you change to the microsoft gs wavetable it does output sound…he doesnt want to use that because latency is crap and it is suggested to disable that but how I have no idea…the other thin i should include is that i have reinstalled the edirol ua-25 the way it has been recommended on the manual and no luck so far.
cheers if you can help.

As you are describing it, you are trying to hook the software to a non-existent MIDI module or GM software. What OS is he running and what MIDI device is he trying to get to sound out of?

Windows 7 64 bit…its coming through the edirol ua-25 midi box. If you for example play music on winamp sound plays fine, so definately working in that respect

Its connected to the pc via usb.

There is some confusion here, the MIDI portion of Cubase requires a MIDI device or software to control, MIDI is a control protocol not an audio signal, the Edirol is an audio + MIDI interface and contains audio converters but no sound generating hardware, if you connect the output to a mixer the MIDI part of cubase will not make any sound since it is not controlling anything.

My guess given the limited info you have given is that VST/32 v5 was being used to control a software synth of some description on an earlier installation and that is no longer available since either you have upgraded the OS or it was tied to a soundcard such as the audigy and you are trying to use it with a new soundcard

Windows 7 no longer has a MIDI manager BTW, if the gent or lady in question is used to using cubase with a MIDI software synth via MMI on Win9x or XP such as the Audigy one, s/he might want to download a replacement like: Free and open source MIDI divice selection software "MIDISelector"

The other alternative is to use VSTi’s rather than MIDI instruments, there are a number of freeware GM compatible VSTi synths out there and if my memory does not fail me one actually came with v5 c od VST/32

Sorry he has a keyboard connected to the box…

Thanks…ill let you if that works…I havent spoken to him yet but om pretty certain that will. Appreciate the help. Alan