Cubase VST5 Dongle

I cannot remember my account details, so long ago since I used it I have no idea what email address etc.
I want to get a USB-eLicenser to replace the dongle but I am concerned that if I smash the dongle and send the pic and my “application is reviewed” that if the review is not good I am left without means of activating my cubase on my new machine.
What is the review process and am I guaranteed to get a new licence before I smash the dongle to pieces.
Very confusing way of doing things. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

What you call “the dongle” probably has the cubase license on it. The only reason to purchase another usb elicense key fob would be if the original was broken.

This is the link to the Steinberg support knowlegde base. You can search for what you want to do here. It you can’t find what you want feel free to post again with some more detail.

In the meantime… don’t smash anything until you have contacted Steinberg support.

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Perhaps the OP has the old parallel port type? The thread title says Cubase VST 5 …

You are probably right. Perhaps the OP can get some info from this thread.

Also, there is a email address at the bottom of this link that the OP can try.

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Thanks for the links