Could someone tell me what this icon looks like after I audio mix down to 16 bit 44.1hz. What I get looks identical to windows media player file and Nero wont burn it to CD but it plays in WMP.Thanks

Are you sure you mixed down to .wav and not mp3 or wma?

Or even 32bit instead of 16bit?

In Export\Audio mix down\File format selected is WAVE file. Audio Engine out is Sterio. 16 bit at 44.1Hz. What else is there!!! I have burnt cd’s before without a problem on older versions of Cubase.

Have you tried to burn a CD from windows rather that Nero.

I am having the same issue with Cubase 6. I have tried windows, but no luck. If I export as an MP3, the cd will burn. However I need the .wav burning capability.

Any help??

Wav files have a WMP icon because that’s the program set to play them back. What do the Properties of the resulting file say re: format?

The icon Windows gives files is purely dependant on what program you’ve set to open those files with.