Cubase + wavelab on the same dongle


I recently bought wave lab 8,5 and today I installed it on my mac. I forgot to insert the usb “dongle” that came with the program, but I had another dongle in, which came with Cubase 8,5 that I also bought recently.

During the installation process, I was never asked to insert the dongle, instead wave lab have been “activated” or “registered” on the Cubase dongle that was inserted. So I have the both products on that dongle.

Thats totally fine for me, because it saves one USB port for me. But I wonder: Can this cause any problems for me? Like the programs will not function properly?

If so, how do I uninstall wave lab from the dongle so I can do the installation process again, while having the dongle that came with it inserted?


No, the eLicenser can hold many licenses and works without issues for me (I have the same situation where my Wavelab EL 9 license resides next to my Cubase Pro license)

If you want the wavelab license on the other usb licenser, just plug the extra usb licenser into the computer where your original is (with the activated licenses).
Open the elicenser control panel, here you will see both elicenser usb sticks, now just drag the license to correct usb licenser and your done.