Cubase: When I use the cut tool it takes a second for cubase to process the cut

I edit multiple drum tracks and use the group editing feature.

When I use the cut tool it takes a second for cubase to process the cut. In other words, after clicking the mouse, nothing happens for more than a second. There is a way to optimize things
so that cubase can do it faster. Is there something in cubas that I can turn off for example during this editing moment? My processor runs at 10 percent max, but I have the feeling that it turns it on late.

Please help. Thank you

Cubase 12.
11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-11700K @ 3.60GHz
RAM 32 GB DDR4-2666

How many cuts do you have already? I notice, that on a metal project with multitracked drums and lots of cuts (at every hit basically) the operations can get slow. The thing is, this also happens on other DAWs as well and not only the cut tool is affected.

Just to clarify:

Is it the cut tool only?

Other tools are working as intended? Even the basic function of start/stop there is no pause? (windows circle for a bit)

Yes, they are metal drums and the cut is on every beat.


Lots of cuts makes Cubase less performant.

everything is fine as well as the basic start stop function. but I noticed that it also happens with the free warp function when I editing group drums

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This is a graphical issue when multiple Audio Events are displayed in the Sample Editor when Clip Display Mode → Show All Clips is selected. And if there is hundred of cuts then it starts to happen even when only one Event is displayed.
What causes it is because you create a lot of Events from the same Clip, which makes the CPU and RAM do a lot of operation when you edit one.

If you close the Sample Editor you’ll see the performance recover drastically.
Also you can disable Interpolate Audio Waveforms in Preferences because it makes the issue even more obvious.

All of this is “supposed” to be known by the developers, according to my support tickets.

Yep I noticed that as well.
Take a 4-5 minute Metal song with lots of double kick drums etc. and edit every hit (which is necessary for a modern sound) and voilà: Cubase begins to lag when editing those drums.
Unfortunately every other DAW does this. Even Reaper which is one of the most efficient DAWs, it is even worse there. Otherwhise my workaround would have been to track and edit drums in Reaper, but yeah.

It mostly has to do with the visualization of all the edits, so it is a GUI thing.
It gets better if you convert the already edited drum performance into a part and put that in a separate folder and close it, so the edits are not shown. It completely gets away if you bounce your drums after a certain amount of edits.
In my case that is no solution, because sometimes when I am mixing, I notice there is a small “click” or “pop” and I want to be able to just go in there and move the crossfade.

I agree, but my friend has a macbook and he doesn’t have the same problem.

Because the issue is only on Windows, I have made a whole post here with video examples. Apparently there’s no problem on Mac.
It stops doing that as soon as the Editor is closed whatsoever.
I show it in a minimalist way, and you would think this is not the same issue, but it is exactly the same issue, I’m just pointing out the root cause.

Thanks I go try

I tried, but it didn’t help :frowning: