Cubase will not close

Running Cubase 10.5.20 on Windows 10.

I find that if I leave Cubase up for a while (over night as an example) then the program will not close if I click the red x at the upper right of the Cubase menu bar. The project closes, but the Cubase menu bar remains, and is non responsive.

May be indicative of some other issues.

what the task manager says?

Do you mean as far as cpu use? It occasionally will blip something less than 1% as far as I have noticed.

Had same problem with 10. I could never get it to close. Updated to 10.5 yesterday and so far it seams ok. Win 10

I actually thought that was a new feature: the X top right will close the project but to close the program you have to use the menu. The menu is still responsive in my case.

C10 at some point few months ago stopped closing. Updated to 10.5 coulpe of days ago and problem remains, thought it occurs randomly now and is not persistant.