Cubase will not loop from Ext Timecode

Cubase Elements 10.

I am developing a hardware MIDI device. The device contains a MTC generator/reader. TC and quarter frames from the generator are debugged and perfect. All QFrames are sent properly in either FWD or REVERSE timecode modes. The loop points in the device are always set to even TC positions.

I have tried all project sync settings with no positive results.

When in the device is looping timecode, Cubase ignores the TC reset and simply continues playing without resetting to the start position of the loop.

Testing in Traktion T7 forward modes works fine. T7 loops between 2 points. In my main studio I an running an older version of Nuendo and I have not tested it there yet.

Cubase does not work when TC is playing in reverse.

Any thoughts?


It would be interesting to test with the Nuendo version you have. Could you also try with Cubase Pro Trial, please?

Thank you, I’ve deep in development so it may be a while before I can attempt that. I will post results here when I test.