Cubase window changed

As I described I jumped from version 5 to 10.

Now Cubases main window changed to something that looks like MAC. Any way that can be changed back as is was in Cubase 5 and nearly all other programs.

Best, Thomas

A time machine? :wink:

Anyone who can tell what the advantage of this look should be ?
Because I do not believe that Steinberg did this to annoy their customers

I like the new design significantly better than the old one.
So why should I be annoyed?

The look of programs changes… this is about “Fashion”. Don’t worry. We all change over time. So do Cubase “looks”.
It is wasted personal energy to fight change in this respect.

Cheers, Ernst

You will also not get a car (except for an old-timer) that looks like cars did in the 1980ies…

I have a new look also- when Cubase 5 came out I looked one way, when Cubase 10 came out 10 years later I looked another way. I prefer my Cubase 5 look. C’mon Steiny!! :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok maybe I should have explained my self better. Its not about look. Its about usability.

  1. I import a sample from a file explorer - dragging the sample from a file explorer window into Cubase. ref the pic. hereby I normally click in the Cubase window in order to have the file explorer window to go in the background. But I cant do that anymore. Now I have to click on Cubase - then on the file explorer and then again on Cubase. Thats 3 extra clicks every time I do that. Pretty annoying I think.

  2. Another thing is that if I would like to minimize Cubase I have to click twice the minimize icon in order to get Cubase minimized.

  3. When Cubase is already minimized and I want to maximize the the window I need to click twice on the minimized Cubase on the taskbar.

So I cant really see there is anything but disadvantages by this new look.

Steve thx for understanding hehe

And now let me add one more thing

When I want to minimize my Cubase window by clicking windows key+m it only minimizes my project but now the actual Cubase window.

The windowing system was completely revamped and has nothing to do with the old “'container” paradigm. If you use Cubase 5 as the benchmark of what a DAW should look like you’ll never be happy about it.

Learn the new workflows you need, and enjoy the added features.

So what do you do if you want to minimize the Cubase windows ?

does it work when you use windows-key+m ?

Not the menu pane, which is what you’re talking about. You have to actually click on the minimize icon in the menu bar to hide it.

ctrl+m is used to minimize all windows on the desktop at the same time. That has been standard for a long time. But when doing that it does not minimize The Cubase window. What happens when you guys do that ? I guess its the same right… And that is pretty annoying I must say :wink: