Cubase Window Focus Question

I’m using Cubase Pro 9 on Windows 10. I like to use multiple monitors and thus multiple cubase windows- one for the MixConsole, one for MediaBay, etc. Here’s an example of an issue I’ve been experiencing.

Let’s say I have 3 fullscreen Cubase windows open, one on each of my 3 monitors. One monitor has a MixConsole, the second has the track editor, the third has the MediaBay.

Sometimes, I bring up a Chrome browser window on one of the monitors and hide, let’s say, the MixConsole window behind it. If I need to click on the MediaBay window to play a sample, what ends up happenings is that the MixConsole window and all the other Cubase windows overlay everything and the browser window I was referencing gets put behind the MixConsole window.

I was wondering if there’s a setting or preference that disables bringing all the windows to front when focusing one of the Cubase windows?


Hi and welcome,

I’m not sure, if tis will work exactly in your scenario. But I know, there is the “Always on Top” trick, which is kind of illogical. Right-click to the header of the window and try to enable/disable this option. Then the window should behave different, and one of the option would work in your scenario (hopefully)-

Cubase focuses on the screen(s) that contains your toolbar and project window. Just place it on a screen that has none of those and it will keep your Chrome browser visible at all times. You can then for instance place your mixer on the same screen. F3 will toggle your mixer and put it on top of Chrome. Press F3 again and it will close the mixer and show Chrome again.