cubase windows 10

hey guys,
i use cubase pro 8 on a windows 10 pc with thunderbolt adapter and apollo 8.
So since recently i cant save my cubase projects. It says: cannot create Project folder.
Its super weird because my cubase project folder seems to be “read-only”. But i can rename files in that folder which should not be possible on read-only folders.After i unclick the read only box and i close the folder, it becomes read only again when i open i open it again. Ok so i tried following things:

  1. updated cubase ,windows and uad software
  2. copy file types in the windows defenderexceptions
    3)i tried to run cubase as admin which didnt help

if anyone can help i would be super greatful,
thanks, best

The read only status is correct, this is how W10 works but it won’t stop you being able to write/edit if your user has permissions set.

SO check your user permissions but also consider something else is probably stopping the writing. I think Backup and sync can do that…maybe other backup softwares.

Or certain folders just don’t like to be written to…where is this folder?

hi,thanks a lot for the replie.
i checked my cubase projects folder whicj is on my c drive under user/documents. in properties of the folder admin and my useraccopunt are in the list and should have all rights.

Nik, here’s a long shot. Right-click the folder to which you are trying to write your project. Under Properties–>Customize tab–>Optimize this folder for:, what does it say in that text box? Make sure it’s set to General Items. I have had problems in the past with this setting being too specific. Just a wild guess :slight_smile:.