Cubase windows mess

Hi… I’d like to know if I’m alone to have that ball breaker behavior…

For intance, when I close a midi editor, an instrument interface jump in front and becomes active and if I click on the window behind (main track window, for instance), the vsti interface remains in front ! :imp:

Sometimes, I click on a opened window, such as audio contener editor and instantly, another cubase window (like mixer that was already opened but in the back) jump in front ! :smiling_imp:

I don’t know what to do to avoid that ! But it’s really irritating (for remaining polite !)

Are you experimenting the same ? Since cubase 8.0.3, I think and with the 8.5.15, it’s still the same !

Steinberg makes new impossible to disable features nobody care (the edge window thing) but don’t work on ball breaker issue ??

By searching, I’ve found a lot of display issues, I think Steinberg should work on them and make a FREE update to fix them : I bought an expensive DAW and I’d like to get a working interface at that price !! (That’s a minimum.) :neutral_face:

Thanks to tell me if you have some same issues…

There is a drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the window. One of the items you can select there is for the window to always be on top (or not).

Midi editor has no “Always on top”, at least in my setup. I can see no good reason why some windows in Cubase have it, and some don’t. Cubase is really inconsistently programmed. Why don’t they just set it right…
Such sloppy programming was maybe ok 10 years ago, when software was not yet mature. But nowadays it is just unacceptable to have such inconsistecies.
After trying some other DAWs it is really hard to come back to using Cubase. It is just too many little things gone wrong. And above all that audio stuttering is total deal breaker. I fire up Ableton Live and can work on 32 samples latency all day, without a hiccup. Cubase won’t play even one single audio track at 32 or 64 samples anymore, although it used to work fine with many tracks. Something is broke, and I don’t know how to fix it. I never mixed above 256 samples, now I have to mix at 2048 samples. Ableton and Reaper work fine at 32 samples.
I think Steinberg has some serious problems, and I won’t be surprised if they go down eventually. Customers are not loyal no matter what, they go for the price or quality. There are too many great new DAWs out there, and Steinberg is simply unable to keep up. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

And this has what to do with the OP?

OP mentions display issues. Audio stuttering in Cubase is known to be connected to GPU and how Cubase deals with graphics. I don’t know, maybe it is connected with the messy way that Cubase deals with Windows. Many windows and many graphic gizmos maybe eat more GPU resources. In Cubase since version 8 it is like having many programs open (see taskbar) and maybe that stresses computer more, and maybe that causes audio stuttering. Could be, no? But if you think it is not relevant, no problem, just skip that part, I mentioned “Always on top” too in the beginning. Cheers.

Apparently, you don’t have the same issue… Why have I got it and am the only one ? Mistery…

Of course it’s not ‘always on top’ function ! :wink: If it could be ! :unamused:

I agree totally : Steinberg must first fix all those details before to complicate even more cubase. There is a lot of issue that are never fixed with updates ! Like the “loop track” that never worked properly with more than 2 looped bars ! And much other, like those display problems.

And what is particulary amazingly ball breaker is when steinberg release a new update with, as usual, no fixed bug but new useless boring features !!! They spend there energy on nobody-care new features instead of fixing awful bugs !
I really don’t understand their policies. I would do anything to have cubase users as happy as possible !!