Cubase windows not coming to screen after app switch in Win7

Cubase is not always opening it’s windows properly when clicking on the windows taskbar icons to switch applications.

startup scenario:

  • Firefox is open
  • I click on the Cubase icon to start Cubase
  • While it’s starting up, I go back to Firefox to browse
  • When Cubase is ready, the taskbar icon flashes.
  • Now when I click on the taskbar icon, nothing happens, Cubase does not come to front. It’s main menu bar stays invisible. I have to click on the windows taskbar icon 3-5 times until Cubases menu bar shows up.

application switch scenario:

  • Cubase is open, on the windows taskbar there are couple of separate icons for arranger, mixer, VST instruments, inspector, VST performance, etc.
  • Now if I switch from Cubase to Firefox / Windows Explorer / etc. for some minutes, then want to switch back to Cubase, I have to click one of its many icons. The issue: sometimes I can click on any icon and the full Cubase project with all windows comes back to the screen. However sometimes I click on an icon and only that single window appears, e.g. ONE of the arranger, mixer, inspector etc. windows, the rest stays invisible.
    Unfortunately this is not 100% reproducible, sometimes it behaves like this and sometimes like that.