Cubase windows

I am having a few problems with windows not appearing. For example I open the mixer window or VST Connections windows and they don’t appear. They only can be seen when I go to the ‘window’ function, and then they come on. I have partially succeeded in finding a way for the mixer to come on, and that is to enable ‘always on top’ but this seams a bit silly, and isn’t always available ie VST Connections or Instrument rack.

Just to make it clear, I am using cubase 7.5 on a MacBook Pro.

I have never had problems like this before.


If a window is already open underneath another window, and you hit the KC to open it, it just closes it (which you can’t see because it’s underneath the other window…) so you have to hit the KC again to see it.

This behaviour started with the new mixer a while back and although I’m used to it, it drives me mad. A complete waste of time and energy.


(Sorry to rant if this doesn’t relate to your problem)

Thanks for your reply. I will give this a go, but I think the problem I am having is a bit different. Much appreciated though…thanks again

Sometimes when I open up a new project, or window ie the mixconsole, it doesn’t appear on the screen. Does anyone know why this happens?