Cubase with BFD grooves

BFD3 allows you to trigger drum grooves via a range of high MIDI key events. They start at C8. But they go on up to B10 and I can’t seem to have any notes higher than B8. The piano roll stops there and the list editor won’t accept C9 as a valid note. Is there a way to extend the range of notes available?

(Cubase v11.0.10 pro, Windows 10)

I’m not a BFD3 expert, as I just upgraded from BFD2 yesterday. But here, the first ‘Groove1’ appears at C6 (96) in the default BFD3 keymap. Starting from it, I have 32 of them at disposal, from the C6 key to the G8 one (127).

So, I don’t know in a certain way if the range of notes can be extended, but I doubt it, as the MIDI specification doesn’t allow notes over the 127 pitch value…

To be honest, I think you just need to change the octave numbering offset from bfd’s settings, so that it agrees with cubase. Because bfd says C5, cubase says c3, and they both mean the same note. You are not missing notes, as those are specified by MIDI spec, as @cubic13 says.

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Thanks! Will check that out.

cool info thanks for that …

Thanks, this worked!