Cubase with EWQLSO? I'm getting really desperate now!!!

I have just downloaded and installed Cubase SE3 (which I prefer to Cubase 5 Essential, but still prefer SE1) on the strength of my Cubase 5 Essential license.

However, whether Cubase 5 Essential or Cubase SE3, both programmes are crashing when I try to use EWQLSO Gold (‘Play’).

My specs are: Quadcore (4 x 2.9)
3 Gbs RAM
M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496 ASIO soundcard
Windows 7 (64 bit)

When installing EWQLSO Play, I was instructed to install the 64 bit version to fit Windows 7 and then customise it en route to 32 bit to enable Cubase 5 Essential.

I have tried this numerous times for the last two months (ever since I received the computer, EWQLSO Gold, and Cubase 5 Essential as Christmas presents), and I am now trying everything that I can think of with Cubase SE3, but both Cubase programmes keep either crashing, sounding distorted, or coughing and stuttering.

All I want to do is write music with the East West samples, and every time I think I’m there, something bad happens and sends me back to square one, and I getting really FED UP.

If there is anybody out there that can help me, you would make me extremely happy. I’ve lived with Cubase for years now and I although I enjoy HALion Symphonic Orchestra and Miroslav samples, it is my dearest wish to use EWQLSO Gold.

Have I trod on someone’s toes, or been categorised as a whiner, or something? I really do need help.

If your system is running fine when you DON’T use EW gold, I would think that the problem would be with that particular program and perhaps not many here have experience with it (as related to Cubase). Perhaps a bit more detail about what happens and at what point you experience crashes would help at least al little. :bulb: Have you checked with EW for a solution?

Yes, I was primarily checking with EW for a solution because it was new software to me. It took me about a month before I managed to install it properly. Then when it seemed to be working fine in standalone mode, I turned to you in order to check its validity as a plug-in.

What I will do is check that both Cubase 5 Essential and SE3 work with my other libraries (I said that they do), but I’ll delve more intimately into the matter, and if at any time they crash, I’ll get back to you. Otherwise, I’ll take the problem back to EW.

Thanks for your time,