Cubase with MODX and AG03 / AG06 - Two ASIO devices

Hey all,

I’m not able to figure out how to get audio flowing between my MODX6 -> Cubase -> AG03.
I can do in and out on the MODX6 but I don’t see a way to set the AG as output with the MODX as in.
With the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver I seem to be able to only select one ASIO device and all the in and out is on that.
Is it possible to select one ASIO device as in and another as out?
Any thoughts appreciated.



You are right. This is how Cubase works. You can use 1 ASIO driver only (for both, the input and the output).

There are some specific ASIO drivers, which allow you to combine multiple Audio Devices (like group them under one ASIO driver), so you can use multiple Audio Devices at once in Cubase. For example RME is using this type of driver. Virtual ASIO driver ASIO4ALL can also do it. But Steinberg/Yamaha drivers don’t do this.