cubase with multiple sound cards

i’ve Cubase 8.5 and a rme fireface (firewire), but recently i’ve received a Midas Venice F16 (firewire). i would like to know how configure Cubase in order to use the rme’s entries at the same that the f16 entries. Because i can use each one alone but i can’t have the both cards in system audio VST. If someone could give me a solution to this problem it were great!!!

Thx :slight_smile:


You cannot use 2 Audio Devices in Cubase. The only one way is, when the driver supports is (which is not the case, if these are two different manufacturers). The only one solution would be to use ASIO4ALL as a “bridge”, if you are on Windows. On Mac, you could use Aggregate Device. But this solution is not supported officially.

If you are on mac you can configure an “aggregate device” with all your sound cards. In windows you can do something similar in the asio panel, I think.

It’s nit officially sup ported nad recommended to use Aggregate Device on Mac.

On Windows, there is not this kind of option. As I wrote, the most common method is to use ASIO4ALL on Windows.