Cubase with UR 44 Preamp

I’m having trouble setting up my ur44 with cubase el8 on my Mac. I was using the ur22 with no problems but needed more channels. I followed the setup instructions, but it’s not working. The device is showing in midi port setup. All midi inputs is checked. When I go to vst audio systems it doesn’t show in the drop down window. I’ve tried closing cubase unplugging the device and starting over, but nothing works. When I plug the ur22 back in it’s recognized, but no luck with the ur 44. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks


Make sure, UR44 is not switched to the CC Mode on the back side, please.

I checked and it’s off. Thanks

Which Mac OS X version do you use?

Did you restart the computer, after driver installation?

Can you see the Audio driver in the Audio MIDI Setup utility (Mac OS X)?

I just realized the last time I used the ur44 I was using windows. When I got the mac I did not install the drivers. That should solve the problem . Thanks Martin.


I believe so. :wink: