Cubase with Yamaha MOXF - cannot get sound in recording

I have searched many forum threads and simply cannot get the MOXF to record and playback through Cubase AI7. What I expected to be very simple has taken me several days of messing with the setup to try to get working.

  1. The MOXF usb plugged into computer, the MOXF selected as inputs and output channels.
  2. I have armed the recording function and the monitor function.
  3. I can see the blue thresholds moving but when I hit record there in nothing and of course nothing on playback.
  4. I was just playing a piano voicing on the keyboard and I have followed the MOXF manual for preferences to use with computer recording.

Please help this is becoming so frustrating.

Are you trying to record midi or audio?

Recording audio initially. I followed some instructions from the MOXF motifator forum which worked. One major key was to ensure that if you select direct monitoring for recording you need to de select this for playback.

Yes indeed, with monitoring enabled that audio track only outputs the signal that’s coming into it at that time, so recorded material on that track is not played back.