Cubase Without eLicener

Last week I was robbed and my elicener was in my bag. I’m posting to see if there is anyway to use my products without it and I can’t seem to find any info on how to replace it. Can anyone help me :question:


Contact your local dealer or an official technical support, please. See this article, paragraph I have accidentally lost my USB key! Does it get replaced by Steinberg?. They will lead you, how to get a replacement code(s).

You cannot use the product without USB-eLicenser. If you need to work urgently, have a look on Steinberg Zero Downtime, please.

Thank you!

I just ordered a new one, the price says $27.99 but at checkout it says $30.23 Hopefully someone will look into that.

I have the same problem, my e-licensor USB dongle is dead.
I have just purchased 2 more from the online shop.
As I am In Brazil, this will probably take at least 7-10 days to arrive (maybe even more).

But there is something I’m not getting here:
The support page and video says (as I understand it) that I will need to already have another USB dongle to transfer the licenses to.

So this is NOT ZERO DOWNTIME, or have I missed something here?

TRUE ZERO DOWNTIME should be a way to continue using Cubase, plugins virtual instruments etc. for x number of days (30 would be good) until the new dongle arrives?
I have been using Steinberg software since the days of PRO24 on the Atari and I would very much appreciate an acknowledgement of my customer loyalty.
What do you think Steinberg?

The Zero Downtime is for those users whose eLicenser has failed. I am not sure that this covers theft. It is possible that I am completely wrong! Presumably you have to send your elicencer off to Steinberg?

To transfer a license to a new eLicenser don’t you have to have both dongles present/plugged in. When you transfer a licence it cancels the one on the original dongle. I’m not sure that you can simply download a license on to a new dongle as that means there are two working eLicensers.

Zero downtime is to get you running no matter the reason you have lost your license, theft, breakage, the dog ate it…it doesn’t matter.

So this is NOT ZERO DOWNTIME, or have I missed something here?

The idea is that if you need true zero downtime you buy in advance and keep a spare dongle to hand.

Zero Downtime applies to those people who have a replacement dongle ready to transfer the license to…

Thanks for confirming this. So it’s “ZERO DOWNTIME WITH A CATCH 22”
No extra dongle at hand = LACDT (Long And Complicated Downtime). :cry: