Cubase without Groove Agent One?


I have just bought sound interface UR22 and it comes with Cubase AI 7 Elements. But unfortunatelly after the instalation of Cubase there is no Groove Agent One . I have tried to reinstall Cubase and all its components, but nothing helped.
I can find Groove Agent ONE in …/Cubase/VST3 folder (Groove Agent ONE.bin and Groove Agent ONE.vst3), but nowhere else.
Please if I missed something important (like there is no Groove Agent ONE in Cubase Elements avaible) let me know.


I have the same problem, did you solved it ?
I can’t find GROOVE AGENT in my CUBASE LE AI elements 7
Thanks for reply !!

I Have the same problem. I upgraded so I had access to groove agent and its just not there. This post needs to be answered with the solution… my faith in steinberg is becoming very teted at this point.

You could try downloading it from Steinbergs knowledge base

I do not know if the cubase license you have let you run the Groove Agent One plugin.

Hey there. Yes, download the full elements 7 install zip from Steinberg update page. Make sure all old cubase files and folders are uninstalled and deleted from the system and then clean install. Log into my Steinberg and activate and update all product keys and it should all be good to go with groove agent. You would have been given a new activation key on the purchase invoice… Remember to restart your PC after cleaning off all the old files then do the fresh install. For some reason the upgrade doesnt like the old AI version.