Cubase won't connect to VST plugins.

Hoping for help.

Since the latest update (8.5.15), something strange has happened to my Cubase.
Whenever I wan’t to load a plugin to an audio track in the insert menu, the sound from my instrument no longer gets processed through the plugin.
I’m using Guitar Rig 5 and S-gear, and have also tried the bundled VST Rack/Bass rack that comes with Cubase.
I’m only hearing the direct sound from my guitar as the sound is totally bypassed from the plugins. There’s no signal, lights or visual hints that any signal/sound gets to the plugins.
Is there anything I can do to remedy this?

Thank you.

Turn off direct monitoring?

Thanks, yes - no signal at all goes through the plugin.

You have to turn off direct monitoring.

Device setup/VST audio system

That was it! Thank you so much.
Obviously, it must have been set to “on” as default on this update.

Thanks again.

EDIT: Just realized that you both had the same solution, so thanks both.