Cubase wont find Halion Sonic Library HELP PLEASE

HI there

I bought Cubase Elements 8 a week ago and love it. I have also been enjoying Halion Sonic SE. but today for some reason Halion Sonic will not load up any sounds. It seems like it cannot find the library. Groove Agent is having the same problem. They both worked fine for a few days so the library must have been installed.

Can anyone please tell me how to fix this? I have uninstalled and re installed Halion Sonic and the library from the disk but still the problem remains.

Do I need to re install the whole of Cubase to fix this?

Please help

Many thanks


Are you sure, you are using HALion Sonic SE library? Not HALion Sonic? Same for Groove Agent SE.

Well I have installed them both from the Cubase Elements 8 Cd. So I assume they must be the correct ones. Also they worked fine a few days ago, but today …nothing. I dont understand why

Thanks for your help

Could be the Trial license of HALion Sonic (not SE) expired?

Well I only have HALion Sonic se…and its only one week old. As its a legit version surely there would not be any expiry date involved??

HALion Sonic SE license is part of Cubase license. So this will nor expire.

Could you try to install the HALion Sonic SE (with the library) again?

I have ( see above;-) and same thing. Is there no way to make Halion Sonic Se find the library and recognize It. Lots of other software have this funtion. Halion sonic se does not seem to have such a function, which to mee seems logical…even if it is the baby version of Halion.

as it happens I had to re activate Cubase today and for some reason it got Halion Sonic working agin. NO idea why :slight_smile: thanks for your help

Now Groove agent is not finding the acoustic drum kits Ho Humm