Cubase won't open, expired Halion content

Hello all, I’m hoping someone can help me.
When Covid hit I found myself at home with a lot of down time and decided to begin using Cubase again after using Cubasis on ipad for the last few years.
I upgraded to the latest version of elements and downloaded the free software that Steinberg were offering in the “stay at home” package, some Halion sounds that were fun but I never incorporated into any serious projects.
Eventually the trial period ended and I kept getting prompts at startup that content was missing but I simply closed the dialog box and Cubase would open.

until yesterday.

Now, Cubase just freezes up and won’t open.
I tried going to the Steinberg Library manager to remove the content and restart the computer, but now a dialogue box comes up that says the Halion content cannot be found, along with three boxes “Locate, ignore, remove” but none of the boxes do anything when I click on them and I’m still locked out of Cubase. And I had taken extra vacation time over the holiday to lay tracks for an upcoming release!
The free trial software is starting to feel more like a Trojan horse and I wish I had never installed it.

Someone please help me access the software I paid for and help me get back to making music!


First thing I would do is make sure the latest eLicenser is installed and give it another try.