Cubase wont open it get to scanning vst3 plugins!

I have a new windows laptop, and ever since I installed waves plugin bundle Cubase 13 wont load it gets stuck on scanning vst3 plugins each and every time. I’m running windows 11, and i cant open Cubase at all at the moment unless you suspend all third party plug-ins.I have tried reinstalling Cubase to no avail…

Hi there and welcome to the forums!
How long did you wait? Scanning plugins the first time you run Cubase after a new install of update can take a little bit of time. Waves uses plugin wrappers which means that if you have a lot of Waves plugins it might appear as if it is stuck, but behind the scenes it is scanning through all their plugins while Cubase only displays “WaveShell” or something.

No I’ve left it for over half an hour and it’s still not loading