Cubase wont open

Hi everyone,

ive just recently reformated my computer and reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate.

I reinstalled Cubase elements 8 along with dark planet and it will not open. i uninstalled and reinstalled again and still it wont open.

I get no start up dialogue, nothing.

Would anyone know the cause of the problem??

Do other programs start?

Do you use an usb dongle or Soft-eLicenser?

If you use Soft-eLicenser check the link about reactivation:

hi, yes other programs start. I use a USB dongle, which is up to date. I dont get the opening box of cubase.

I recommend reinstalling elicenser control center:

ok i did that and i get this

Windows 7 Service pack 1 is minimum requirement to run elicenser as is Microsoft NET Framework 4.0 or higher.

So ive deleted, re downloaded both cubase and eLCC. Installed them both again and still the same problem. Cubase is there in my C:/programfiles but it just will not open. I double click and get nothing, i open as admin and get nothing. Im completely lost now.

Did you see my post before this?

sorry no i didnt i was typing at the time, i actually think its a bug with my computer as i cannot even open windows updater.

ive decided to move once again to win 10

I would not upgrade to Win 10 from an already unstable system.

Use the media creation tool to create a bootable installer on a usb stick and install it clean…I think you can format the drives during install …plenty of info online about clean installing W10 anyhow.
Have a quick research before you start.

ok so i found the problem.

my windows updater had turned off so i got no SP1 install. i had to manually turn it back on in CMD.

installed sp1 and all good now. cubase 8 is back.

As it is…typically one simple missed step that caused the issue.

Glad you got it sorted man! :slight_smile:

yeh thanks.

i have no idea how or why it turned itself off. it was a slight annoyance though. hehe