Cubase won't read my SD card or Zoom R8 interface

Hi I’ve recorded tracks on my Zoom R8 interface. When I connect this to my PC (windows 10) and open Cubase. I go to “open” find Zoom R8, click on “Project”, then “Audio” then I get a message “no items match your search”. The same thing happens when I take the SD card out of the Zoom R8 and insert in to my PC. Help!

Why don’t you copy the files from the SD card to your hard drive first with explorer?

Wait, you do “File->Open” from the Cubase menu? That is only for opening Cubase projects, not for opening audio files directly. To open audio files, you first have to create a new project and then do “File->import->audio file”.

You can drag and drop audio files. Have you changed the R8 to a card reader? I know with my L-20 there is a switch on the back which needs to be set so it functions as a card reader or audio interface. It needs to be in the card reader position

IT WORKS! Thanks… as you might have guessed I’m new to this. Thanks so much for your help!

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